Ludum Dare 40 Timelapse: Rebel Call

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Ludum Dare 40

Rebel Call

Following a rather successful jam back in August, I decided to take part in another Ludum Dare. The theme was “the more you have, the worse it gets”. You can find a timelapse of my take on that theme in the video above.

I really enjoyed putting this timelapse together and used it as an excuse to improve my Adobe Premiere/After Effects skills. I spent a little more time on post production than I did with my previous timelapse.

However, I don’t feel that I’ve mastered the format. I’ve had some feedback that suggests it might be a little more interesting if the timelapse were annotated or narrated. I’ll take this under consideration for Ludum Dare next April!


  • Game built in Construct 3 (using Chromium)
  • Art was created in Adobe Photoshop
  • Lab Chirp was used to create the majority of sound effects
  • A couple other sound effects were created in BFXR
  • The male dialogue and ambient effects were recorded on microphone and edited in Adobe Audition
  • The female dialogue audio was created using Windows text-to-speech and edited in Adobe Audition

Ludum Dare 40 Results

It’s been a couple of days since the Ludum Dare 40 results came in, and I’m happy to say that I placed 27th overall. That’s out of a pool of over 1000 entries, and 33 places higher than my last Ludum Dare entry! An exciting and rather unexpected result. And what’s more, I placed in the top 10 for both “mood” and “audio”! Here’s the full breakdown…

Ludum Dare 40 Results

I’m pleased to have scored so highly in audio, as I had a great time creating the sound for this project. Although it has to be said, I spent a little too long on audio in some places, resulting in fewer levels. But it was something new and interesting for me; an innocent and amateur attempt at audio production. So placing 8th is just amazing.

I’m aware that the game may not be traditionally “fun” (as many of the Ludum Dare comments pointed out), but I hope that I provided a worthwhile experience. I feel that I was semi-successful and will be sharing a full postmortem some time in the new year.

You can play and look at the full results for Rebel Call at the Ludum Dare 40 page here:

…or you could skip all of the Ludum Dare nonsense and just play Rebel Call here:

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