Ludum Dare 39 Timelapse: Oil Patrol

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Ludum Dare 39

Oil Patrol

I finally took part in another Ludum Dare! This time, the theme was “Running out of Power”. Above, you can find a timelapse of my take on that theme.

Similar to my last game jam efforts (Bad Juju), I decided against streaming development. I feel that streaming can cause too much of a distraction, especially if I’m actually engaging with the chat. However, I feel a timelapse is non-intrusive and documents a complete start to finish process from “File > New” to completion.


  • Game built in Construct 3 (using a mixture of Chrome and Chromium)
  • Pixel art was created in Pyxel Edit
  • Adobe Photoshop was used for larger sprite work and text
  • Lab Chirp was used to create the majority of sound effects
  • A couple of other sound effects were created in BFXR
  • The wind effects were recorded on microphone in Adobe Audition
  • The music was created in Otomata and mixed in Adobe Audition

Ludum Dare 39

I hope it shows in the final game, but I had a great time this Ludum Dare. I particularly enjoyed the sprite work in Oil Patrol, and would really like to come back to it and clean it up. I’ll be back with a postmortem soon.

As of writing, you can still play and rate Oil Patrol at the Ludum Dare 39 page here:

…or you could skip all of the Ludum Dare nonsense and just play Oil Patrol here:

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