Jack B. Nimble Video Devlog #5 – Steam!

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It’s been almost half a year since my last Noonan.Design update and almost two years since my last Jack B. Nimble video devlog. While I’m not going to go into that now, I’ll leave the video to provide an explanation as to where I’m at with Jack B. Nimble for Steam.

Jack B. Nimble Video Devlog Transcript

Here’s an expanded transcript of the devlog.

Hi, I’m Sean Noonan, developer of Jack B. Nimble.

It’s been just shy of 2 years since the last Jack B. Nimble video devlog, so you can think of this as a summary of that time.

Way back in April of 2017 I finally released Jack B. Nimble 4.0 for iOS. And I was really happy with the result. The 4.0 release is what the game was meant to be; from both a feature and polish perspective.

To achieve this I focused on content. Offering character selections and palette swaps but more importantly, additional levels. Here I used already existing mechanics but with situational twists. For example, taking bonfires from Old Londinium and placing them in the same level as the rocks from Bitter Bluffs, creating a sort of one-two punch hazard for Green Grove. I even mixed some ingredients, by merging the “slow-down grass” from Viridescent Verge with the rocks from Bitter Bluffs to form the cogs in The Citadel. Simple stuff, but effective.

I wanted to push the game design as far as I could without the requirement of additional mechanics. I always wanted to keep the scope tight so that I was able to deliver a holistic, polished experience. And without the stress of -needing- to make money from the project, this was actually achievable. It just took time… roughly 2 and a half years in fact. Though in my defense, during that time, I was busy with a number of other projects (mostly game jams), not to mention my full time professional game development work (which will always take priority).

So the update released and saw some press coverage, which was rather unexpected. I didn’t really push for it. It just happened. Which was awesome! And what’s more, word of mouth was nothing but positive.

A genuine thank you to everyone that supported the release – I have zero marketing budget and quite a small online presence, so it’s all down to you. Thanks!

In the following the month (that’s May of 2017), I began porting the game to Mac and PC and started a Steam Greenlight campaign… which was a success! That is, just before Valve killed Greenlight in favour of Steam Direct. But despite that change, Jack B. Nimble –did- get through Greenlight before the floodgates opened. So that still felt like an achievement.

And again thanks to everyone who voted, promoted and retweeted. It really helps. Like I said, there’s no marketing budget on this, and with the game having seen a release on mobile first, it’s an uphill struggle generating any good will on Steam.

Now this brings us to the present, roughly a year since the Greenlight campaign. To launch on Steam I need to make some adjustments to the game. Mostly controls, a couple of menus and some rendering stuff; luckily most desktop-centric functionality already exists in the game because it started out as a PC game that was just ported to mobile mid development. And to clarify, this will still be the same core Jack B. Nimble 4.0 experience, but from the comfort of your computer chair… or wherever you choose to sit with your laptop. I’m not judging.

I’ll end this here by sharing the Jack B. Nimble Steam Store page so you can add it to your wishlist, because if you’ve reached this point, you must be somewhat interested.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time!