Jack B. Nimble Video Devlog #3 – Old Londinium

By March 10, 2016 No Comments

This is the third video devlog for Jack B. Nimble, you can watch the previous two here and here. This video focuses on the second available level, Old Londinium and also describes the score system in some detail.

I am getting a lot better at editing these and I feel like I’m getting a little more comfortable recording my own voice. It still feels a little awkward to talk into a microphone, but I definitely sound more confident on each attempt. I’m not sure this is even  the best format for a devlog, perhaps going the Twitch route would be better? I don’t know. I just feel that to give a better insight into development I can’t show content that’s too broken to even learn anything about the game development or the game itself. I think maybe I’m just scared of revealing all of the horrific hacks under the hood of Jack B. Nimble…

Would that be a thing people would watch?

Anyway, I’ll be doing at least one more video in this format before moving onto something else, probably Green Grove, because I’d like to show a level from the higher difficulty tier and it gives me the motivation to finish the remaining tasks on it. As for the aforementioned, “something else”, I’m not sure it that will be a twitch devstream or a trailer, but there will be more video content for sure.

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