Jack B. Nimble Video Devlog #2 – Viridescent Verge

By February 10, 2016June 22nd, 2020No Comments

This is the second video devlog for Jack B. Nimble, showing updates to the upcoming 4.0 release. This video focuses on the first available level, Viridescent Verge and describes the various gameplay elements within.

I was originally hoping to show the first three levels, but I wanted to keep it in a 90 second format, so expect at least two more in the next few weeks. I feel like showing the differences between a couple of the levels will remedy some people’s concerns that it’s “just” a runner.

I’d also like to show some work in progress levels at some point; behind the scenes footage, warts an’ all.

This video devlog got some coverage over at Touch Arcade! Fantastic!

If you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment!