Jack B. Nimble has been greenlit!

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Jack B. Nimble

Greenlit! Jack B. Nimble has been greenlit! In less than a month no less!


Jack B. Nimble: Greenlit

Firstly, I know that I could have put the game out there a little more. It’s just that the lackluster sales following Jack B. Nimble’s latest iOS update took the wind out of my sails somewhat. I would have liked to have shared regular updates, but I just couldn’t bring myself to post about the game – this is what marketing teams are for.

When developers are in crunch, tired, or suffering from low morale, it’s good to have a team promoting the game. That way a developer’s work is not in vain. I reached out and contacted a number of YouTubers and publications but received no response, nor did I witness any coverage from those outlets. It’s hard not to take some of these things personally – again, this is what marketing teams are for. They act as a buffer.

However, despite my lackadaisical approach to promotion and marketing, the Steam greenlight campaign was a success. Many thanks to those whom took the time to vote, and a special thanks to the Star Citizen Twitch community for spreading the word (don’t cross the streams!). Throughout the campaign I was surprised by the positive yes rate, which ended at 61%. I was expecting the mobile port to have a more substantial negative impact. Even the comments section was mostly positive. Although there were some choice comments slamming the game’s more casual design and the use of pixel art.

Jack B. Nimble Greenlit

Development Plan

So what’s next? For the game itself, I estimate roughly two full weekends of work adding the required features for a PC port. And that’s a generous estimate. An additional weekend or two will be spent evaluating options for integration with the Steamworks API. I’d like to include Steam achievements, cards and leaderboards, but I’ve not looked into the capabilities of the Construct 2 Greenworks plugin. Outside of that, I will have a bunch of paperwork to fill out for Steam and the tax man. So we’re talking a month or so if I dedicate my weekends to the port.

…in the process of writing this, I realised that the two trailers available for the game are for the iOS launch and for the Steam Greenlight campaign. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to make a new launch trailer for the Steam version when the time comes. I have some ideas I would like to explore, so I may even cut the trailer myself! Incidentally, if any fellow developers are reading this and liked the above trailer, it was built by Cutscene Media – if you’ve got any audio or visual needs for promoting your work, hit them up!

My immediate plan is to take a short but much needed break before crunching on the PC version. I have some big (but unrelated) news to share in the coming days, but until then, thanks for reading, and have a good one!

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