Around the Verse – 08.06.17 [Star Marine Level Design]

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Echo 11 Turbines

The latest “Around the Verse” features a sneak peek of upcoming level design updates to Star Marine.

You can watch the full Star Marine segment in the latest “Around the Verse”.

While this footage shows changes that are work in progress, I feel it illustrates the conscious effort that has been made to address balance concerns. My primary goal was to close some of the longer sights lines on objectives and reduce the on foot time-to-objective advantage that Outlaws experience on both maps.

Echo 11

Terminal A

There was an issue where Outlaws could EVA rush Terminal A and hold it from the neighbouring balcony. From here, Outlaws had line of sight on two Marine spawn doors as well as the objective.

Echo 11 Security Echo 11 Security
Echo 11 Terminal A Echo 11 Terminal A

To combat this imbalance, the security room was reworked to occlude the terminal from the airlock, and line of sight on the Marine spawn door was blocked. Additionally, the ladder connecting the upper and lower security rooms was moved to allow for freer movement following a successful climb.

Terminal B

Previously, Outlaws had an unfair line of sight advantage on this control point. This allowed Outlaws to capture the point, and retreat to the market stairs towards their spawn.

Echo 11 Terminal B Echo 11 Terminal B

As a fix, the control point has been moved further into the lounge. Now Outlaws will have to move into the lounge in order to maintain control of the point. It’s a small change, but along with the addition of some new cover props, there’s now a tighter balance at this objective.

Terminal C

Echo 11 Terminal C Echo 11 Terminal C

Terminal C was extremely difficult to take from Outlaws due to the extended line of sight on the capture point from the generator room stairs. This has now been occluded by a server rack. Additionally, the entry point to the communications room from Marine spawn no longer has a clear line of sight onto the terminal. This means that players will need to move in on enemy hackers, rather than sniping from safety.

Route from Terminal D to Terminal B

The path from Outlaw spawn and Terminal D to Terminal B was always too complicated. So the upper and lower decks have been combined into one single floor. There’s also an additional benefit in the form of levelling the EVA path between Outlaw spawn and the B to D connecting corridor.

Echo 11 Slums Echo 11 Slums
Echo 11 Turbines Echo 11 Turbines

OP Station Demien

Route from Marine spawn to Terminal B

The Marine entry points for Terminal B are in similar spots (lower doors from Comms and upper doors from spawn). This means that one grenade could in theory slow down the enemy team no matter which direction they’re coming from.

Demien Cage Demien Cage

In order to combat the unfair Outlaw advantage, I have added a sneaky EVA route. This allows a direct path from the Marine side landing pad to lower B. This will split Outlaw attention across multiple directions, diminishing the current imbalance.

I’d like to thank the community for their feedback and gameplay recordings. I have made extensive use of community footage whilst balancing these locations. A particular shout out to Angels of the Warp; your dedication and detailed analysis has been an invaluable asset in balancing Star Marine. Keep up the good work.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this thorough look into the level design behind the changes coming to Star Marine in the future. For other Star Citizen news and updates, head to Roberts Space Industries.

Until next time, have a good one!