Professional Game and Level Designer

I’m Sean Noonan, a game and level designer with 10 years professional experience in design at multiple levels and positions. I am currently a senior designer at Foundry 42, Cloud Imperium Games, building Star Marine, the competitive multiplayer component of Star Citizen. Previously I was a level designer at Ubisoft Montreal, where I worked on Watch_Dogs and the Far Cry series.

Earlier in my career I was lead level designer at Ruffian Games and before that, a designer at Midway Studios – Newcastle. Some of my other past credits include Kinect Star Wars, Crackdown 2 and Wheelman.

Independent Developer and Pixel Artist

Outside of my professional position in the games industry I maintain an active presence in the indie games scene. In my free time I build small, arcade-like titles for mobile and web. In contrast to my professional work, my independent efforts are pixel-heavy games reminiscent of those that originally drew me to the medium.

My first full indie release was the pixel art platformer, Jack B. Nimble for iOS. You can follow the progress of Jack B. Nimble on the game’s YouTube development blog.

If you’d like to contact me for work opportunities, commissions, or to tell me how much you enjoyed Jack B. Nimble, then please contact me here.